Our heroes for toady are: a former spy turned priest, radical performance artist, also some assorted criminals and perverts for good measure

Evgeniy Petrin was once an FSB officer but at some point in his life has decided to left service and join the ranks of Russian Orthodox Church. However, he did not quite left out his old habits acquired during his time in Motherland's watchful eye.

In his own words, soon after he got his new job in 2013 Petrin started to actively search for US spies, who, as he have suspected at the time, are intended to sow a discord between Russian and Ukrainian clergy. He managed to gather some kind of information and passed it on to his former colleagues in FSB but apparently didn't really impress them very much.

After that setback Evegeniy has decided to begin his own game. He came in contact with CIA representatives in Russia and has tried to feed them false information about his service in FSB. Upon this point he was finally arrested and charged with treason. Now Evgeniy Petrin faces 19 years of prison sentence.

Radical performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky has a different story to tell. Last year he was arrested for setting fire to a giant wooden door of the FSB headquarters in Moscow. Pavlensky, who made a name for himself by literally nailing his ballsack to a Red Square's paving stones, insisting to be trialed as terrorist. However after Pussy Riot case Russian authorities are not very keen on that. Instead he was accused of destruction of cultural heritage objects and can now potentially face up to 3 years jail and up to 3 million rubles in fines.

In Sankt-Petersburg Russian law enforcement has conducted an operation against a criminal group which specialized in tax avoidance and offshore money laundering. Up to 150 officers have made more than 60 searches in numerous offices and apartments.
Criminals have organized a network of dummy companies to buy precious and nonferrous metal scrap from various sources. That scrap was later sold to Germany and Austria. Illegal profits are estimated at more than 1 billion rubles.

In other developments. Former commander of the FSB special forces unit "Vympel" general Vladimir Podolsky was accused of financial machinations and placed under house arrest. Investigators believe that during his time in active service Podolsky was in command of soldiers that doesn't actually exists (similar cases was also registered in modern army of Iraq). Salaries of fake soldiers flowed in general's pockets.

Also in Sankt-Petersburg. Six young boys aged 8 to 14 were discovered by Russian authorities in the mansion owned by 55-year old businessman Georgy Tomashevich, who was also their official caretaker. However now police suspects that Tomashevich, in fact, sexually abused the children. Investigation is underway.